“ Joseph, a Levite from Cyprus, whom the apostles called Barnabas (which means Son of Encouragement),  sold a field he owned and brought the money and put it at the apostles' feet.” – Acts 4:36-37



The Barnabas Trust is in its formative phase.  This web site will be updated as more information becomes available.




What is ‘The Barnabas Trust’

The Barnabas Trust (the Trust or TBT) is a charitable not-for-profit trust for receiving non-cash donations and managing them such that they generate either proceeds from sale or from equity improvement, including revenue generation from assets and real property.  Proceed distribution is restricted to qualified not-for-profit organizations and specific programs of qualified not-for-profits which meet the Trust’s approval.


What charities do you currently support?

The Barnabas Trust is currently in its formative phase. No assets are currently under management, nor have proceeds or donations been distributed yet.

The Trust currently has three target charity funds which it is seeking to supply:


v  The Lucas Scholarship Fund

Ø  The Lucas Scholarship Fund provides tuition, room and board, and travel/home assistance to qualified medical students in Sub-Saharan Africa nations who are enrolled in medical university programs in their native countries or nearby African nations.  To qualify, students must be citizens of an SSA (Sub-Saharan Africa) nation, maintain a 65th Percentile or better grade point average, must continuously be participating in their course of study as prescribed by an Trust approved University, and must complete their M.D. or equivalent degree in eight years or less.  Additional qualifications are outlined by The Lucas Scholarship program and its governors.

v  Compassion Services International

Ø  Compassion Services International (CSI) is a charitable relief agency managed by on-site missionaries in 114 nations around the world.  CSI provides food, shelter, education, disaster relief, back to work programs, children’s programs, elder care, water-well programs, and war-zone relief.

v  Master Schools Fund

Ø  The Master Schools Program is an initiative aimed at creating High School and Elementary Curriculum, training teachers, and funding the creation of education institutions with the goal of “making geniuses, not just finding them”.  Centered around the classical education model, and updated with research, techniques, technologies and repeatable, structured programs, The Master Schools Program seeks to rebuild ancient arts of learning which the builders and great minds of Western Civilization utilized, and which most of the great men and women of the last two millennia learned by.


What types of donations do you accept?

Ø  The Trust is structured to best manage Equities, Securities, and Real Property assets.  Other assets may be donated to the Trust, but may (will likely be) converted to cash value and combined with other managed funds.  Valuables which may increase in value over time may be held by the Trust until market conditions for the artifact(s) improves and their value may be converted at that time.

Ø  Cash and cash equivalent donations can be received, and may be invested with the goal to increase the proceeds to our target charities.


What are the Management Costs of The Trust?

Ø  All of the Trust’s Management Board are volunteers, and accept no remuneration for their time.  Expenses incurred are actual expenses only, and are strictly limited per the guidelines of the Trust’s directive procedures.

Ø  The Trust currently has no employees.  All work is carried out by volunteers with professional experience and qualifications.

Ø  There are certain legal and financial expenses for the Trust.  We retain outside legal counsel and an external Certified Public Accountant, as well as a bi-yearly Audit firm.  These planned expenses are managed by the Board of Governors of the Trust.

Ø  As the Trust is still in its formative phase, there is not a current expense ratio report available.  Our goal management cost ratio is 0.8% of assets. (a 99+ % charity proceed/asset rate).


I am interested in donating to the Trust. Where do I begin?

Ø  Please contact us by email, giving us your name, contact information, and a brief description of the asset(s) you would like to donate.  You can contact us at info@theBarnabasTrust.com




The Barnabas Trust is a Charitable 501(c)3 Corporation.  The Trust manages donated Real Property and Securities assets and distributes the proceeds to qualified not-for-profit charities.


The Barnabas Trust receives assets without restriction or directive, unless specifically designated by The Trust upon receipt.  Donor directives will be considered preferred suggestions, but the Trust will have privilege to manage and distribute assets and/or proceeds to not-for-profits in compliance with our charter.


Properties, Equities Securities, and other donated assets may be distressed, but the donor may receive tax benefits which relate to their original or purchased value, in compliance with applicable tax laws of your country and state.


The Barnabas Trust is not an investment fund, nor an annuity providing charity.  All gifts to the trust will be held in full by the Trust, with no remuneration to the donor(s).


The Barnabas Trust will provide Charitable Donation Receipts to all donors.


The Barnabas Trust is a registered US 501(c)3 Charitable Corporation, registered in the State of Florida.